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>MOVIE: Captain America & Thor Live action film concept design

> MOVIE: Captain America & Thor Live action film concept designclick to enlarge view.

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>VIDEO: Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds ANNOUNCED.

> Marvel vs Capcom 3:Fate of Two Worlds Capcom has released a trailer on your official website of MvC3 to mark some of the characters that will appear in the game, ending the video with a very short teaser of … Continue reading

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>Review: Marvel Bishoujo Statue Psylocke large images

>Review:Marvel Bishoujo StatuePsylockelarge imagesclick to enlarge view.Manufacturer: KotobukiyaScale: 1/8Material: PVCProducer: Yu IshiiOriginal: X-MENRelease Date: Apr 2010price: 6,510 Yenheight: 200mm

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>IRON MAN 2 Mark IV 1/6 scale No.22 large images

>IRON MAN 2 Mark IVNo.22 large imagesclick to enlarge view.1/6 Scale Fully Poseable Figure– Movie Masterpiece –height: 300mmmanufacturer: Hot Toysrelease date: Sept 2010price: 24,000 Yen

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>IRON MAN 2: WHIPLASH (Hot Toys) large images

>IRON MAN 2 the movie:WHIPLASH figure(Mickey Rourke)click to enlarge view.Movie Masterpiece1/6 scaleLimited Editiondate release: Aug 2010price: 24,000 Yenmanufacturer: Hot Toys

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>Iron Man 2: 1/4th scale WAR MACHINE Collectible Bust

>The-1/4th scale movie-accurate War Machine collectible bust specially features: – Iconic character War Machine from Iron Man 2 movie in approximately 1/4th scale in fine sculpture – Approximately 9 inches / 23 cm tall – LED-lighted eyes and heart (red … Continue reading

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>MARVEL: the Silver Surfer (Sideshow) 24 inch limited

>The SILVER SURFERcomiquetteSideshow collectibles-Marvel-date release: May 2010price: 325 USPolystone comiquetteLimited Edition

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