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>Nanoha The MOVIE 1st : 1/3 scale Fate Testarossa large images

> Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st: Fate Testarossa large imagesclick to enlarge view. manufacturer: Hybrid active Scale: 1/3Release date: Aug 2010 Price: 63,000 Yen

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>RAH498 Kamen Rider Wing Knight – Medicom – images

> RAH498 Kamen Rider Wing Knight – Medicom – images Manufacturer: Medicom ToyScale: 1/6Producer: PERFECT-STUDIOSeries: Real Action HerosOriginal: Kamen Rider Dragon KnightRelease Date: Sept 2010price: 18,800 Yenheight: 300mm

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>FASHION DOLL : 1/6 ICE – ZCgirl – large images

>Fashion Doll: ICEManufacturer: ZCgirlScale: 1/6Series: ZC SexyRelease Date: May 2010price: 8,000 Yenlarge imagesclick to enlarge view.

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>Next Event: DOLL *HOLIC Vol.2 Yamato @ Akihabara

>EVENT: DOLL *HOLIC Vol.2No.57 large imagesby Yamatoevent @ Akihabara(Cocos?) showroom 8th floorwill be on 14 Mar 2010pre-sale exhibition will include new product announcementslarge images, click to enlarge.

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>EVENT: Dolls Party 22 Photo report -VOLKS-

> Dolls-Party 22 Photo report held at Tokyo Big Sight (?)unveiling new items, dresses, products,with also a nice video showing a dancingdoll“Creation and Design © Village molding Volks” (C) 1998-2009 VOLKS INC. All rights are reserved.※ Super Dollfie (R) is … Continue reading

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>EVENT: The Doll Affair Singapore 2009

>The-Doll-Affair 2009 (TDA 09), Singapore’s first and only event for Ball-jointed Dolls. This year, the event will be held on in Suntec City Meeting Room 302-304 on the 19th Dec 2009. There will also be a photography contest for the … Continue reading

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>ARTETOKIO seamress figure doll IKKI TOUSEN – KANU UNCHO-

>“SFD Kanu” body is a seamless silicone doll body features a beautiful body without the seams of the joint line. 肩や足の露出が多い衣装などにはピッタリのボディといえます。 Many costumes and exposed Iemasu shoulders and legs and perfect body. またヘッドからボディまで素肌部分は全て柔らかい触感がお楽しみいただけるものSFDならではの特徴です。 Skin from head to body parts that … Continue reading

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>PROJECT BM: 1/6 Kaneda Shotaro and his Bike. ULTIMATE REVIEW

>PBM! Soul of Popinika 1/6 Kaneda`s Bike (Completed) Manufacturer: BandaiScale: 1/6Material: Diecast,ABSSeries: Soul of PopynicaOriginal: AkiraRelease Date: Mar 2010Regular Price: 38,000 yen The masterpiece, [Kaneda’s Motorcycle] has been released as the ultimate Soul of Popinika. To produce the ULTIMATE [Kaneda’s … Continue reading

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>EVENT: DOLL HOLIC 2009 exhibition

>Doll exhibition event sponsorized by Yamato, held on October 24th.(four days). you can also bring a doll to photograph her!as u can see the little studio, created for this event.


>Skater boy (Fashion Doll) ultimate photos.

>2009 late OctoberSkater boy finished DOLL, Azon, 10,500 yen

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