>B-Club 1/144 PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn resin kit image & info


Z Gundam series: PMX-002 Bolinoak-Sammahn
Manufacturer: B-Club
Scale: 1/144
Material: Resin
Producer: Keita Yagyu
Original: Z Gundam
Release Date: Late July 2010 re-release
price: 15,800 Yen

One of several mobile suits built by Paptimus Scirocco aboard the Jupitris, the Bolinoak Sammahn was a mobile suit designed as a seek-and-destroy unit. Because of this, it only had limited armament but was equipped with powerful sensor systems in both its head and forearms.
The Bolinoak Sammahn was fielded in the last days of the Gryps Conflict, during which it was piloted by young Sarah Zabiarov.
Sarah used the suit in battles against Axis, during which the Bolinoak Sammahn is damaged by Haman Karn’s AMX-004 Qubeley.
The Bolinoak Sammahn is finally destroyed when Katz Kobayashi tries to kill Scirocco only for Sarah to take the blast.

(Gundam wikia)
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