>B-CLUB: RX-160 BYALANT Titans prototype MS images


B-CLUB: 1/144 FULL KIT RX-160 BYALANT Titans prototype Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: B-Club
Scale: 1/144
Material: Resin
Producer: Keita Yagyu
Original: Z Gundam
re-release date: June 2010
price: 17,640 Yen
height: 140mm
No. 120 parts

from Gundam Wikia:
Another in a long line of mobile suit prototypes developed by the Earth Federation Forces and the Titans during the Gryps Conflict, the RX-160 Byalant was one of the few new designs which was fast and agile, yet did not require external support systems or mobile armor transformations to achieve this.

Capable of self-sustained atmopheric flight, the Byalant mounted powerful thrusters in its shoulders and on its waist, with a large-capacity fuel tank in its torso to keep them running.

However, it was only armed with beam sabers and pair of mega particle guns in its hands, limiting the Byalant’s flexibility due to a lack of versatile weapons. This factor kept the Byalant from being mass produced, although one test unit was used in combat by Titans ace pilot Jerid Messa during the last weeks of the Gryps Conflict.

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