>GUNDAM 30th Anniversary Goods UPDATE


translating from japanese O__o

Mobile Suit Gundam 30th ANNIVERSARY most lottery
■ Release date: 2009 Available in early March 11
■ Price: 1 500 yen (tax included)

put a coin, “Gundam” Money with sound effects
■ Size: about 22cm vertical

Award Gundam figure
Real G weathered.
The pedestal contains the official logo 30 years.
■ Size: Vertical approx 15cm

Halloween Plush
Big Size Plush 32cm in diameter.
■ Size: about 32cm vertical

“Gundam” “Zaku” “Dom” “Halloween” ? ^^
■ All four species
■ Size: approx 20cm × about 100cm

“Halloween” “Zaku” “Gundam” has been designed to face. “Zaku” on the back of the “Char Aznable” contains the characters brush.
■ All three species
■ Size: about 8cm × Vertical Horizontal approx 9cm

Soft Vinyl Piggy Award
“Halloween” “Jiongu” “Only Mobiruama Sune” “Aggai” “Gundam” the deformed figure is a piggy bank.
■ All five species
■ Size: about 7cm ~ about 13cm vertical

Award pen
At first glance, the pen is invisible.
■ All three species
■ Size: approx 13cm ~ Approx 14cm vertical

Best figure diorama
“Gaia,” “MASH,” “Ortega” get on board the “Dom” and three aircraft to confront it “Gundam” was reproduced in the figure. “Dom” attack formation.
■ All four species
■ Size: approx 6.5cm vertical

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